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As a core subsidiary of CRRC, CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd is mainly specialized in the manufacture of urban rail vehicles, inter-city trains, modern trams, railway coaches and major core parts, etc. The company is a professional researcher, integrated supplier and solution provider in domestic railway passenger transport and urban rail transit equipment.




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Leading societies to a low carbon future, Alstom develops and markets mobility solutions that provide the sustainable foundations for the future of transportation. Alstom’s products portfolio ranges from high-speed trains, metros, monorail, trams to integrated systems, customised services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions.150,000 vehicles in commercial service worldwide attest to the company’s proven expertise in project management, innovation, design and technology. Following the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation on January 29, 2021, the combined sales of the new group reached EUR 14 billion in the 12 months ending March 31, 2021. Headquartered in France, Alstom currently operates in 70 countries and employs 70,000 people.




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Straddle-monorail is a kind of rail transit system, featured with vehicles with rubber tires running on a precast concrete track beam. With exclusive right of way, sleek trains wrap around the monorail beam with average operating speed of 30-45km/h. Maximum operating speed reaches 80km/h, which is comparable to that of metro, light rails and other urban rail transit modes.

Key parameter

Train configuration: trains of 2-8 cars


First car: 13210mm

Cars in the middle: 11845mm

Width: 3142 mm


Fleet: 4046mm

Running surface to roof:3019mm

Beam to floor: 450 mm

Door width: 1,600 mm

Unloaded weight: 14,500kg

Maximum gradient: 10%

Optimal operating gradient: 6%

Minimum horizontal curve radius: 46m

Starting acceleration: 1.1m/s2

General deceleration: 1.2m/s2

Emergency deceleration :1.5m/s2

Power supply: 750Vdc

Propulsion: Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Maximum speed: 80km/h

Passenger capacity: 6 people/㎡

Cars at the end: 120+16=136

Cars in the middle: 128+18=146

One-way passenger capacity per hour: 10,000 to 40,000, up to 48,000

Main features: 1. Good adaptability to terrain, gradeability is up to 100‰, and the minimum curve radius is merely 46m. 2. Excellent environmental adaptability, adopting electric traction with zero exhaust emission; Bright view with small beam width, narrow support column and less land occupation; Great view of the scenery without overhead lines; Environmentally-friendly with less noise and little vibration. 3. Simple construction and short construction period; 4. Good investment and the cost is much lower than that of metro.





APM, a type of urban rail transit system, is featured by unmanned and electric rubber-tyred vehicles operating automatically on special tracks with precast beams and guide rails. With exclusive right of way, APM system is able to operate fast without interference from other means of transport or pedestrians. It is suitable for narrow space with minimum 22-meter turning radius. Gradient is up to 10%.

Key parameter

Length: 12,750 mm;

Width: 2,850 mm ;

Height: 3395mm;

Beam to floor: 1100mm;

Door width: 1,980 mm ;

Unloaded weight: 15800kg

Maximum gradient :10%

Optimal operating gradient: 6%

Minimum horizontal curve radius: 22m

Maximum speed :80km/h

Starting acceleration:1.0m/s2

General deceleration: 1.0m/s2

Emergency deceleration :1.3m/s2

Power supply: +/-375Vdc

Propulsion: AC propulsion motor

Passenger capacity: 4 people/㎡93+12=105

6 people/㎡139+12=151


Main features:

 Fully automated and unmanned transportation system

 Advanced lightweight aluminum carbody

 Modern interior and exterior

 Good ride quality with rubber tires

 Suitable for horizontal narrow curve with rotatable axle

 High gradeability, excellent flexibility

 High reliability and good ride quality






System integration: system integration refers to the integration of separate equipment, functions and information into interconnected, unified and coordinated systems through structured integrated wiring system and network technology, so as to fully share resources and achieve centralized, efficient and convenient management.

Scope of system integration:

The general contractor is responsible for the integration of subsystems within the work scope of the project, including:

• Vehicle

• Signaling


• O&M and OC


• Track (switch, bumper, running surface, etc.)

• Power rail

• Core method equipment at depot