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"The Belt and Road" Straddle Monorail System International Standard Alliance Was Established in Wuhu, Which Attracted Wide Attention

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On October 13th, the Anhui Province 2020 "World Standards Day" commemorative event and the inaugural meeting of "the Belt and Road" straddle monorail system international standard alliance were successfully held in Wuhu, and the commemorative event and the inaugural meeting were jointly sponsored by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd., Anhui Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, Wuhu Municipal People’s Government, China Monorail Development and Research Center.


More than 300 people including representatives of rail transit academicians and experts, relevant representatives of the Wuhu Municipal Government of Anhui Province, representatives of monorail R&D and production enterprises, and representatives of cities from all over the world participated in this event. Among them, the establishment of "the Belt and Road" straddle monorail system international standard alliance became the highlight of this event.



"The Belt and Road" straddle monorail system international standard alliance was jointly initiated by the following organizations: Wuhu Rail Transit Co., Ltd., CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems Ltd., China Railway Engineering Design Consulting Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Institute of Quality and Standardization, Wuhu Standardization Research Institute and so on. The alliance brings together the units which along "the Belt and Road", the domestic and overseas monorail system design, consulting, production, construction, operation and other units as well as universities, scientific research institutes, standardization research institutions and so on. The alliance promotes the extensive consultation, joint contribution and benefits Sharing with the countries along "The Belt and Road", and are committed to promoting the construction of straddle monorail international standards, and promotes the "monorail standard" to go global as well as enhancing the right to speak in the implementation of "Chinese standards" in international projects, and facilitate the development of the rail transit industry.


The establishment of "The Belt and Road" straddle monorail system international standard alliance is conducive to promoting the communication between the monorail industries, and it also builds a bridge for the interconnection of straddle monorail industries at home and abroad while enriching the straddle monorail system series standards.





Before the establishment of the alliance, Carlos Banchik, chairman of the International Monorail Association, specially sent a video to highlight the monorail system, fully affirming the positive significance of the establishment of the alliance, and congratulating the establishment of the alliance! Mr. Nicolas SIAUD, the technical director of France SYSTRA Group Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. also sent a congratulatory video.



After the alliance was established, the mainstream media also gave positive publicity reports. Mainstream media such as China News Network, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, Anhui Daily, Anhui News, Anhui Workers' Daily,,, Wuhu TV Station and other mainstream media made special reports, and Baidu Internet search results were more than 40,000. Among them, the State Council Information Office simultaneously published relevant reports in the "Belt and Road" column and gave a special introduction to PBTS.





In the future, the alliance will adhere to the principles of demand-oriented, standard-led, innovative cooperation, and mutual benefit, actively strengthen the standardization of straddle monorail systems with countries along "The Belt and Road", and create the " hard mechanism "in cooperation with the "soft connectivity" in standard, and strive to improve the standard system compatibility of the straddle monorail system and support the construction of infrastructure interconnection as well as promoting cooperation in rail transit equipment manufacturing and Chinese high-end equipment to go global. The alliance promotes the extensive consultation, joint contribution and benefits Sharing with the countries along "The Belt and Road" as well as domestic and overseas, and promotes the communication and mutual learning of monorail standards, interconnection and sharing of results.