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As a core subsidiary of CRRC, CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd is mainly specialized in the manufacture of urban rail vehicles, inter-city trains, modern trams, railway coaches and major core parts, etc. The company is a professional researcher, integrated supplier and solution provider in domestic railway passenger transport and urban rail transit equipment.




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PATS Holds the Unveiling of Monorail Model Car and Commencement Ceremony of the First Train for Lines 4 and 6 in Monterey, Mexico

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On 19th October, the unveiling of monorail model car and the commencement ceremony of the first train of Line 4 and Line 6 in Monterey, Mexico were grandly held at PATS. Leaders including Mr. Samuel Garcia, Governor of NuevoLeón in Mexico, Mr. Jesús Seade, Mexican Ambassador to China, Mr. Zhang Dong, Member of CPC Wuhu Standing Committee and Senior Vice-Mayor of Wuhu, and Mr. Ma Yunshuang, Vice President of CRRC Group, attended the event. The guests participating in this event also include the leaders of PATS’s parent companies, leaders of PATS, partner representatives, and employee representatives of PATS.



At the beginning of the event, Mr. Zhang Dong, Member of CPC Wuhu Standing Committee and Senior Vice-Mayor of Wuhu, Mr. Jesús Seade, Mexican Ambassador to China, Mr. Ma Yunshuang, Vice President of CRRC Group, and Mr. Samuel Garcia, Governor of NuevoLeón, delivered speeches expressing congratulations on the event and confidence in future cooperation.



Monorail model car for Mexico Line 4 and Line 6


The monorail model car of Mexico Line 4 and Line 6 have a green appearance, fresh and fashionable, highlighting Mexican elements in their appearance. Adopting the lion element of the NuevoLeón emblem, representing courage and strength; It also includes a sun, mountains, and other natural elements. The sun represents freedom and independence, while the mountains represent the terrain characteristics of the state. Overall, the appearance fully highlights the geographical and cultural characteristics of NuevoLeón. The appearance of the model car means that the art and interior decoration of the first monorail vehicle on Line 4 and Line 6 have been fully verified, and the first train of the project has officially started construction.


The total length of Lines 4, 5, and 6 in Monterey, Mexico is about 36 kilometers, of which Lines 4 and 6 adopt a straddle monorail system for a total of 25 kilometers, with 13 6-car trains and 78 cars. This project adopts the consortium EPC mode, and all work of the project is steadily progressing. The Mexican monorail project fully absorbs the design, construction, and operation experience of former monorail projects such as Wuhu, and strives to create overseas monorail project models and demonstrations. After the opening of the line, it will to some extent enrich and improve Mexico's transportation network system, bringing efficient, convenient, green, comfortable, and highly intelligent travel experiences to the local people, facilitating to the cooperation between the two parties!


The unveiling of the monorail model car and the commencement ceremony of the first train for the Monterey Line 4 and Line 6 in Mexico have achieved a complete success, representing a new milestone in cooperation between the two parties. It encourages all PATS employees to continue their efforts and innovation, and contributes to the company becoming leader in the global mid-low capacity rail transit system.


At the event, Mr. Yang Qi, General Manager of CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd., presented the Wuhu Iron Painting to Mr. Samuel Garcia, Governor of NuevoLeón, Mexico, to express deep friendship. Governor Samuel Garcia, who came from afar, also brought local gifts to express his blessings to the company.